Motorcycle road trip, filter distance announcements and waypoint names
  • Hi all,
    Many of us are bikers.
    We often use Gpx files with multiple waypoints to guide us to cool routes.
    Certain waypoints such as coffee break, pee, restaurant, bar, etc. are useful to us and we want them to be announced, before and at their position.
    On the other hand, the intermediate waypoints are not useful to us and their announcement is painful.
    I found how to turn off the announcement of the unnecessary waypoint distance as well as the announcement of its name at the location.
    The other useful waypoints are always announced by distance and name.
    If you are interested and Tomas authorizes me, I will post a video of a simulation on the forum.
    Good evening to all. ;)
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  • I would like to see. ;-)
  • Ok Oldie ;)

    Sorry, the sound is not very good ....
    The list of points:
    - Start
    - Waypoint number 1: Restaurant stop: TTS on
    - Waypoint number 2: Not useful : TTS off
    - Waypoint number 3: Stop to take photos: TTS on
    - Waypoint number 4: Not useful : TTS off
    - End : the name of the destination : TTS on

    The link :
    Click on the video to see

  • Merci! It is a nice feature. But I would take no special effort for me to implement that. If it comes with Navigator, would be good!
  • Hello MacDony from the beautifull Alsace !

    I have a question about this post I just discovered :
    Where do you put the TTS on or off comment ?
    Directly in the GPX file between the name tags ?
    (for example "<name>Etape 3: TTS off</name>")
    Or in another place ?

    En français tant qu'on y est :
    Bonsoir MacDony.
    Les TTS on ou TTS off tu les mets où ?
    Directement dans le fichier GPX au niveau des balises "name"
    (par example : "<name>Etape 3: TTS off</name>")
    Ou alors ailleurs ???

    Merci à toi pour toute réponse !

  • I answered myself my question by modifying one of my GPX files, and yes if works if you write for example "<name>Etape 3: TTS off</name>"

    No sound before and when passing the waypoint !

    That's a nice feature !

    Many thanks !

  • Salut Rollmops67,

    Non, c’est plus simple que ça,:
    Tu mets le signe % devant ou derrière le nom de ton wpt 
    Et il ne sera pas prononcé 

  • YES ça marche aussi !
    Merci et bonnes fêtes de fin d'année !

    Salutations motaradesques,

  • Inserting % does suppress the announcement of the name of the waypoint but still announces "Waypoint" reached etc. Is this the correct behaviour?
  • Hi stavrich,
    Inserting% suppresses the announcement of the waypoint name and removes the announcement of the distance to the waypoint and removes the announcement of the waypoint reached.
  • For me it's like stavrich says: All announcements of waypoints still remain, only the name of the waypoint is suppressed. My version is 6.0.249, the waypoint name is e.g. "%1".
  • Hi,

    Version 6.0.250

    Waypoints %1 etc ... are not spoken, neither the distance nor the arrival at the waypoint.
    like in my video at the top of this topic.

    In the Navigation voice settings:
    - voice engine: Google speech synthetized
    - voice language: French: Synthetized

  • I tried it in french, here it is as Denis describes and how I'd like it. In german and english unfortunately this is not the case.
  • Haaa !!

    I just remembered that last year I made changes in the Navigation.xml file for this function!

    I added the TTS for the waypoints in the French part.

    Oupps, sorry, it only works for French ...

    Or you have to modify the file for the German and English version ....

  • Hi Denis!

    Having no idea how the TTS-thing is working I just entered the section modified by you regarding "waypoint reached" in the german part of navigation.xml, but it didn't help:

          <!-- Etape [NAME] atteinte (MacDony) -->
          <file>Fx-WP-00-01,%WAYPOINT_NAME,Fz-WP-20-10</file> <!-- etape - Nom de l'etape - atteinte -->

    Did you make any other changes?

    BTW: How did you get version 6.0.250? The link in delivers 6.0.249
  • For version 6.0.250 it is an update by the playstore
    I will be doing some research on what I modified in the navigation.xml file and the tts.xml file
    What is the name of the German version?
    French = <languages> fr </languages>
    German =?
  • I found :
    <languages> de, de-female_navilock, sv </languages>
    that's it ?!
  • I made the following 3 modifications:

          <!-- Destination [NAME] atteinte (MacDony) -->
          <file>A-WP-02-00,%WAYPOINT_NAME</file> <!-- Vous etes arrive a destination - Nom destination -->

          <!-- Dans [100, 500, 1000, 2000] [metres, yards, kilometres, miles] etape'NAME' -->
          <file>Bw-,%DISTANCE_AND_UNIT,-10,%WAYPOINT_NAME</file> <!-- dans 200 mètres - Nom etape -->

          <!-- Etape [NAME] atteinte (MacDony) -->
          <file>Fx-WP-00-01,%WAYPOINT_NAME,Fz-WP-20-10</file> <!-- etape - Nom de l'etape - atteinte -->
  • To explain my modifications
    as by adding the sign% the name of the waypoint is not pronounced, I merged the 3 lines of TTS code into 1 line of TTS code example:
    this function is made up of 3 TTS lines:

          <!-- Waypoint [NAME] reached -->

    My modification is:
          <!-- Etape [NAME] atteinte (MacDony) -->
          <file>Fx-WP-00-01,%WAYPOINT_NAME,Fz-WP-20-10</file> <!-- etape - Nom - atteinte -->

    you have to put "," between each TTS text

  • @MacDony - thanks for the clarification. Had a look at the file but it seems not to be as simple in EN language as is in FR languages.

    I could not see those lines under the EN section but can be found in english under different language sections.

    Do I need to modify them all or just add modified lines under the EN section.
  • Hi stavrich,

    which voice do you use?

    Be careful, with each update, the navigation.xml file will be overwritten.
    If the changes work for your language, Tomas or Stepan must agree to put it in the update.

  • I entered the three MacDony modifications (destination_reached, waypoint, waypoint_reached) in the german section of navigations.xml as well as in the "any_other" section, but it didn't work as expected.
  • Hi JambaFee,

    I made the modification for German language and it works fine. 

    I have adjusted the parameters:
    Einstellungen -> Navigationsstimme:
    Sprachprozessor: Synthese vocale Google
    Sprache der Stimme:
    Deutsch (DE)

    The file link is here: Link removed by MacDony

    The arrow at the top right to download the file

    First, you have to delete the navigation.xml file and then put the new file in the folder.

  • Hi Denis,

    that's exactly what I did. Regarding "waypoint reached" it works (waypoint name "%1" ==> no sound, waypoint name "1" ==> "waypoint 1 reached").

    The problem is the announcement (2000, 1000, 500, 100): It is always suppressed, no matter how the waypoint is named.

    If I change language to French everything works fine. After applying your modifications to the english section it works in english as it should as well.

    Did it work for you in german with both types of waypoint names ("1" and "%1" e.g.)?
  • Hi JambaFee,

    I don't understand the guidance in German, but I made a video

  • Voice Engine - Google Text-to-Speech
    Voice Language - English: Synthetised English (GB)

    If getting working I will ask Tomas or Stepan to incorporate in the updates. They have done some waypoint in TTS.xml  changes for me already.
  • Hi stavrich,

    I made the modification for the English language (GB) and it works fine for me, to test.

    Voice Engine - Google Text-to-Speech
    Voice Language - English: Synthetised English (GB)

    The link to the file: Link removed by MacDony

    The arrow at the top right to download the file

    First, you have to delete the navigation.xml file and then put the new file in the folder.

  • @MacDony

    Your video shows the same problem that I have: Waypoint "222" is not announced (in french would be "dans 500 mètres 222), only the "waypoint reached" message is spoken. What you hear in german before waypoint "222" is the roundabout message.
  • Hi JambaFee,

    I found the problem for the German language, I correct and I put a new link 
  • Hi JambaFee and Stavrich  :D

    Der neue Link für die Datei Navigation.xml:
    The new link for the Navigation.xml file:

    The arrow at the top right to download the file

    First, you have to delete the navigation.xml file and then put the new file in the folder.

    You test if everything works well and you tell me if it's Ok


  • Yes, that way it works. But unfortunately regarding "<type>waypoint</type>" in german it's grammatically wrong.

    To sound correct the phrase had to be:


    But then we have the original problem, that, when using a %-waypoint name, only the phrase %WAYPOINT_NAME is suppressed. The parts e.g. Dy-500m-01 and Dz-WP-01-10 nevertheless are pronounced.
  • Hi JambaFee,

    you can put the translation in German and French of the exact sentence

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