Navigation error in Switzerland
  • Hi there,
    I'm new in MapFactor and in the first route I asked to calculate there is a mistaken. Infact the program suggest me
    a street that is not possible go through by car. In the second (from Lausanne, rue des cretes to Lausanne place de la riponne)  the route is's more longer than the right one.
    I don't know if these info are helpful....I hope so

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  • please supply co-ordinates for departure and destination
  • Hello G.,

    sounds like THIS Route.
    But Google is giving me an even longer route...

    On the original "" map this part of the city looks really complex...
    Lots of oneway roads, tunnels, road restricitons, etc...

    Maybe you, G., could check this part of the city on Maybe there are some errors...

    Just beginn!
    Here are some Websites:
    - Openstreetmap Lausanne
    - Openstreetmap Schweiz
    - Openstreetmap Beginners Guide


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