Map for Germany/West
  • Hi,

    is there a problem concerning that map (Android/OSM)?

    The other three maps for Germany are about a month old, for the "West" map it's almost THREE.
    Kind Regards,
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  • I have never understood why some get so agitated about the age of the maps. It makes little difference to navigation even if the maps are 1 year old. The system in my car is now over 4 years old (very expensive to update) and I notice only very small changes where the map is different to what you see outside the windscreen.
  • I would guess its grown to large for more frequent updates.
    You may become impatient if you want to test your recent OSM additions or if you are still affected by a bug, that was fixed in OSM some month ago.  
  • @Roldorf
    Normally I would agree with you, but right now I feel almost inundated with new streets (mostly short but important ones, closing gaps and therefore making totally different routes possible), and a few kilometres of Autobahn, in those areas where I usually travel.
    [The Autobahn is only annoying - "route not found"..."route not found".. gets old very fast!]

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