Problem with self moving destinations
  • Hi,

    I come here after the support considered my problem is impossible, that it !

    I'm going to try to be as clear as possible. I'm using Navigator on my Samsung Galaxy S5 with OSM or TomTom maps.

    I learned this app home using the simulated routes to test different settings (vehicule profile, manage the map, configure favourites, etc.)

    Now I try it on road on short travels.

    3 different times, I started from my home position, or an other current position, GPS on, a favorite or map place set as destination, the navigation is good at the beginning, but approaching my destination I see that the turn indications are wrong, so is the remaining distance. I reach my destination because I know it, but Navigator has change the destination flag to a "no name" point, away, I never asked. The reason of the wrong indications and distance.

    I can't explain that behavior, the thing I'm sure is that I never touch anything on the screen, except at my destination by down zooming to see where was the "moved" destination flag.

    Every time after setting the destination (favorite or from the map) I checked the route before navigate.

    That seems a little crazy but I have to deal with that and I can't trust this app anymore unless I understand what happened.

    I can give more details, if my case say something to you, thanks to help me.

    I precise that in my corresponding logs I can see my departure set and my destination set, but I don't understand all the lines.
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  • in the log you see last destination
    if destination changes, you would see it in the relevant log
    I am not sure why didn't you send logs to support as we discussed in our emails
  • Hmmm, the only possibility I could imagine that Your destination is on a type of street that is switched off in Your vehicle settings. But I think You should then get a route not found hint. I never had such an issue, be it on my s9 or on my s5 ...
  • it iws not moving, I already inspected logs
  • So what's the problem? None ....?
  • Hi,

    Thanks to Tomas I'm studying an history of one of my routes.

    Every time I got a wrong destination flag, as my set was well displayed when I checked the route on the map before navigate, it "moved" to a real place on the map, not anywhere, but not my place.

    To be continued...
  • Hi,

    I come back in this post to say that I've now a normal behavior of Mapfactor. My destinations don't move again on my Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F stock 6.0.1) without Sim.

    I can't explain what happened, studying my logs shows that destinations moved some seconds after I set my choice, pretty odd !

    I have to thank again Tomas for his help with my difficult case, we shared many mails, every days even weekend. I learned to record nmea, and the utility of logs and various files.

    I recovered a normal use, curiously, at the time Tomas asked me to set the debug mode to high (support by default).

    During my first tests, I checked everytime after starting in "Route info" that my destination was still the good one. Know, I don't, I just trust.

    I precise my GPS signal is good, the fix was verifyed, and, of course, I didn't touch anything.

    During my first tests, with bugs on the S5, I used to launch my phone, a S7 with same configuration, side to side. The S7 never had any problem.

    It's all I can say.

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