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  • Hi,
    why is not possible to set MapFactor navigator as a default navigation softvare in Android 4.0 Car application? I'm using HTC Desire X and it is possible to choose between Google maps and HTC Locations. Are you planning to add this suport?
    Thanks for answer.

    proc neni mozne zvolit MapFactor navigator jako vychozi navigaci v aplikaci Car pro Android 4.0 (drive Car home)? Pouzivam HTC Desire X a mohu si vybrat mezi Google mapy a HTC Locations. Planujete pridat tuto podporu pro MapFactor navigator?
    Diky za odpoved
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  • Hi Tomas, we already had similar request but it seems like theres no support from car app itself, check this, alternatively you could try another car mode app.

    Regards Petr.

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