[Windows] Daylight savings offset ignored in Arrival Time
  • Hi all,

    Has anyone experienced an issue where the GPS time is correctly reported, so the PC is time-accurate but the Arrival Time itself is reporting one hour behind during daylight savings?

    This is with Navigator 19 Free (because there are no Australian TomTom maps, which I'd happily pay for), running on Windows 7 (64 bit) with a Garmin GPS-18x receiver.

    Otherwise, I've got it working a treat in my car, using the factory display and touchscreen, run on a little Gigabyte Brix i7 PC. Best part about it is how quickly it calculates the route and I no longer need to concern myself with an overheating mobile phone. Big thumbs up to MapFactor!
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  • I have got this problem after the WNR isseu. Is your Gps year and month correct? Mine is not ofter the WNR. So I use the time to arrival instead os time of arrival.
  • Yes. I upgraded the firmware in the GPS-18x receiver to resolve that.

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