When will the update of UK map be available?
  • Current UK map (44-201907160) was released in July... I can't wait for an updated map, there were tones of major changes since then and the satnav is confusing.
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  • I checked and there is literraly only few maps which have not been updated for more than six months: Spain, part of France, Brazil and UK. Any news on when we should expect an update? Even the whole of US was updated in November...
  • Maybe this is part of the answer:

    "...and later possibly some other OSM countries to be divided into more
    regions (we expect easier and faster map data computing and delivering
    to users)..."

  • Could be, it looks like it is related to the size of the map. Most of the 0.4GB maps are last updated July August 2019 (apart from Germany - the well organized and working Gesellschaft ;)

    @Oldie - the above, however does not answer my question :)
    @tomas - Any news on when the new maps divide will be implemented or when an update will be released?
  • France is half done as far as I know
  • UK is now available for early maps
  • Just do give you an impression, what we are talking about. The maker of Openandromaps has posted in his forum a couple of weeks ago, that he will renew the complete Germany map only every three months because it takes 6 days do produce this one map. Of course this map is much more detailed, the size today is 2,6GB. But anywhere I understand, creating a map from OSM ist not just pushing a button, go for a coffee and ready it is.
    And not to forget. Everything is free, so basically there is no right for us, to claim something. @dzidek23 did not claim something. I just posted here, because there were some similar postings during the past week and I just wanted that we keep that in mind.
  • I do not understand why map generation can't be automated. I have been involved in another open source navi app where I spend quite some time with the main developer to make this fully automatical. And that was already in 2011-2013 (or somewhere in that time frame).
    There is simply a set of scripts downloading data every month, a java app having several options to process it every month for the countries/regions into full maps and roads-only maps (latter have less detail of the landscape), and push it to a webserver for download.
    At that time I also created my own type of maps and those were also automatically created on my own server using some python scripts and that java app.

    So yes: it takes some time to prepare this, but I do not see why some app makers (can) create their maps automatically while others need to do it manually. 

    Edit: I even created Navigator mca POI maps (almost fully) automatical for many countries some years ago based on data downloaded from OSM (http://download.geofabrik.de/). Of course a complete map is 100x more complex in data, but all source data is structured and need to become structured again in the map: that can be automated. 
  • @tomas - got this map but this is not a new map (well, at least not the data from where I am).
    This looks like OSM state from before 25 Nov 2019
  • what makes you think that?
  • My own changes which are still not available on the latest update:

    But more importantly something that prompted me to ask for the updates in the first place:

    I have used this section of A14 few times already and uploaded one of the new GPS tracks proving the road is available.

  • I am told that this is from 21st November, there will soon be another
    please be patient
  • Hi again,

    @tomas - I came back to ask about map updates.

    I wanted to share with you a tool I came across in the last few days.

    This proves that it is possible to extract OSM map to any format (Maps.me, Osmand, PBF) at any time. Why is it not possible to do it with mapfactor format?

    Save yourself time, introduce an automated extract process and let us get the files when needed (even if in much smaller chunks).

  • Since Brexit this item can be found on the last place of the todo list :D
  • Yeah right, as of 1st Jan 2021 I will be printing screens from osm rather than use navigator. ;)
    Brexit is brexit..
  • My understanding is that OSM (UK) is updated every month (25th I think). I used to copy to a SIM on my Garmin when they allowed it until my Garmin 'died'. Garmin and TomTom I have never found that up to date. 

    I'd be grateful if someone could explain what is done to convert it to mapfactor format.

    As a truck driver UK roads are hell at present - from last summer until now there have been major roadworks across the SE and if one drives onto a new road then no guidance. I've been managing with google and Here maps (nor sure what maps they use) as they are much more up to date than others.

    Thing is - however good a satnav app is... it's only as good as the updates (which need to be up to date).

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