Overly verbose directions.
  • The Phoenix Arizona area map seems to have some problem.
    For instance, driving from corner of East Hancock Avenue and North Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale. To East McDowell Road and North Scottsdale Road.  Will give me the option of two routes, each 1.3 miles, on the same road.  One route will tell me 10 times to "Continue Straight Ahead".  The other route will tell me 14 times to "Continue Straight Ahead".  I don't live in Phoenix, I visit there for about a week in the spring and drive all over the city to spring training baseball, relying on the GPS to get me to places.  This same thing happens all over the city, it'll just about drive you crazy.  There is the option for "Detailed navigation", but it's not set.
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  • Just an addition.  It's not just Phoenix.  Does the same thing in Lake Havasu.  Recently I've driven in California, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico.  None of them had the problem.
  • you probably set detailed navigation on in settings/navigation
  • @tomas You find @SteveTrasher 's setting in the last sentence of his first post.
  • sorry :-)
    I have not one "Continue Straight Ahead", so it must be switched on, even though it is showing something else
    try to switch it on and off again
  • OK, I'll try toggling the setting.

    Personally I'm thinking that the "map" has some strangeness attached to it.  Knowing nothing about how the maps are produced or what options could be embedded in them.  Just strange that only Arizona seems to have this problem.  BTW, I've also used mapfactor in Nevada, a long time ago since my needs there run to drive to airport in Las Vegas, drive from airport to Arizona, and I've been doing that for years.  Also in Alaska, but I've lived there for almost 40 years and not to many roads have been built recently, rebuilt after the last earthquake is another story...
  • Toggling the setting seems to have shaken the bug that was caught in the relay out.

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