"waiting for sd card" after update today
  • Navigator was working fine until this morning.   This morning I accepted the latest update from the Play Store.  Now Navigator won't start up, saying  "waiting for sd card".

    No changes to Navigator except for the update.

    I'm running Navigator on an old Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro running Android 5 (cyanogenmod 12.1).

    No other app has problems with the sd card.  Navigator had no problem until the update was installed.

    Any suggestions?

    Navigator is my most essential app.  It's a fine piece of software.

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  • I tried rebooting several times. no help. Would there be any way to revert to the last version of Navigator? The only backup I have is quite old.
  • I forgot to mention that I'm on the beta version of Android Navigator.
  • I uninstalled and re-installed Android Navigator beta from the Play Store. Now Navigator sees the sd card. So I guess it was some kind of corruption in the Navigator files. I lost all my maps and favorites. That's ok. A lot of them were no longer of use to me. Not so bad to start fresh.
  • next time please backup to Google Drive

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