motorway exit numbers in tts?
  • Hi,

    on vacation in Britain I noticed that Navigator (OSM / English tts voice) on my Android device quoted exit numbers when I was to leave a motorway, and thought that this was a welcome new feature in a recent update.

    However, back in Germany (German tts voice) the numbers had disappeared again.
    So, briefly I switched to English, and they were back.

    Have the relevant commands in the German section of the tts file simply been forgotten, or is there a technical reason for this omission?

    Would it be possible to simply copy/paste the relevant lines (which ones?) from the British section into the German one?
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  • Hum, probably I've overlooked them when I edited the German version.
    You can check and fix it yourself: simply check the tts.xml. Check first the English section, and then compare with the German section. You can simply edit it. Probably tags are missing, or just the German value is missing.
  • Right - I'll take a look and see what I can do.
  • Searching for "exit", I found that the penultimate entry in the British section...

    take the exit

    ...has no equivalent in the German section.

    I'll see what happens this afternoon when I'll be travelling along various Autobahns.
  • during lunch break I used Simulation - it works.

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