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  • Some city's got in OSM a name and an alt_name. Some are both avalible in mapfactor, and some are only name avalible. Can both be findable? Example in the Nethelands:

    name: 2e Exloërmond, alt_name: Tweede Exloërmond, both are findable.
    name: 's-Hertogenbosch, alt_name: Den Bosch, only findable by name, while the alt_name is used a lot.
    name: Den Haag, alt_name: 's-Gravenhage, only findable by name.
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  • I think your first example includes the same word in both names, that is why you find it
  • That is correct, Tweede means 2e. 

    Still the question: can  's-Hertogenbosch, be find as well as Den Bosch and Den Haag, also as: 's-Gravenhage???  It makes it more easier for users to handel. Now you need to know witch name you need to use. 

    Did a little research on the web about Den Haag, and really 2 names are used: Roadsigns use Den Haag, Postoffice use  's-Gravenhage, Not official document the use Den Haag, official documents like ID cards the have to use  's-Gravenhage. So this is complicated.

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