OSM versus TomTom maps
  • I currently use the free OSM maps but would like to know if it is worth buying the TomTom maps. Would I notice an improvement and if so in what way?
    Regards Colin
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  • TomTom maps have more consistent routing attributes resulting in more reliable routing, more house numbers and POIs, motorway signs, lane advisor...

  • Thank you Tomas
  • Hi Tomas, what about traffic information? Is that there in the TomTom maps? (it is not there in the Free maps)

    Regards, Jan R.
  • HD traffic is subscription based and works with both free and TomTom maps
    you can see prices when you go to Map manager/buy maps
  • Please, can anybody share some screenshots of TomTom and OSM maps to compare?
  • On PC You could run the program ITNConverter. The program will show OSM, TomTom Routes, HERE, etc. . I presume the TomTom maps shown in the program are the same then on a mobile device with TomTom
  • Hi Tomas, i ment on navigator on pc. Is hdtraffic working on that platform?
  • no, only on Android at the moment
  • Today on a trip I tried running both the Free OSM on my phone and the paid Tom Tom  version on my tablet. While I like many features of the paid TOM TOM version. I have always noticed that there are many mistakes in the naming of towns and areas. For example I live in  Bettendorf Iowa. But the Tom Tom version has it listed as Pleasant Valley, Iowa. Also areas of Peoria Illinois are named wrong as are many others. Yet these areas are named correctly in the free OSM version. My version of the Tom Tom maps are due for an update, but why do it if the new version is incorrect also?
  • I think you there is a section on TomTom's web site for submitting corrections

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