Is there a length restriction for the tts texts (Android)?
  • Hi,

    the tts texts for those countries that I drive in are extremely terse, making them sound a bit unfriendly in my ears.

    Is this a necessity due to some restriction in the app - or just a matter of personal preference?

    I am in the process of (leisurely, sporadically) changing stuff that annoys me, and usually it gets longer.

    Two examples:   recalculating route  ->   your route is being recalculated
                             destination reached ->  you have reached your destination.

    Potential problem if my tts file keeps growing, or not?
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  • Does no one know?
  • it may get trunkated if next announcement is due before your long one finishes
  • Thanks; I'll not go overboard with length, then, but certainly enlarge all those two word instructions (three if I were to re-introduce that most annoying "now").

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