Data Storage Path Looks Incorrect
  • I'm having some difficulty with the transfering of data to the SD card as the information on the storage path screen seems incorrect...

    Screenshot of Storage Path dialog

    The internal storage indicates space: 118.5 GB/119.1 GB but my phone only has 32 GB!! The external SD Card 1 indicates 12.8 GB/19.6 GB which is approximately what I have left of my phones memory.  The SD card is 128 GB.

    So, which do I go for?  Do I believe the memory and move the internal storage as it looks like the 128GB SD card or do I believe the labels and move to the external SD card 1 even though it is showing the incorrect memory size?
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  • I have found that sometimes with some phones and with some apps the internal storage appears as an SD card. I'd trust the memory size report myself but I'm no expert.

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