No routing via Greek motorway toll stations
  • MFN does not route through toll stations on Greek motorways. Toll roads are enabled in the car profile.


    - toll station at lat. 39.523031°, lng. 22.556773°
    - toll station at lat. 38.808488°, lng. 22.602677°

    Is this an OSM or MFN problem?
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  • Here you can test the routing directly with OSM:

    If it works for you on OSM, and the map data did not not change much the last months, chances are high the issue is on MF's side.
  • not sure what exactly do you mean, with default car settings route is via A1
  • I think Delfin is right: Route from 39.52461111 22.55433333 (a few meters NW of tollstation) to 39.52113889 22.55933333 (a few meters SE of tollstation) does not lead through the toll station neither with MFN nor with The toll stations are tagged in OSM as "oneway reversible" and according to the OSM-wiki "Routing engines should not route over this type of oneway without knowing more about the oneway schedule times".

    So I think the MFN-behaviour is correct and I also think that the roads at these toll stations are painted and tagged completely wrong in OSM, but that has to be changed by someone with local knowledge.

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