No speed signs in map mode
  • Hi MF-Team,

    my mapfactor doesn't show the speed-signs in only map mode. 

    When it runs in navigations mode all signs are shown, but when I stopp navigation the signs disappear from the screen. 


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  • Hello Mapfactor-Team,

    no answer to my question???

    It seemed, that the speed signs are only shon in navigation mode. So when I'm using the "map-mode" (only show the map while driving) there are no speed signs shown at the map. When I'm driving the road with navigation switched on, the signs are shown. 

    I think it's show the signs only in navigation mode.

  • I agree. It would be great to see speed limits in map mode, even when not navigating. At the same time, speed warnings should be optional in map mode.

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