Deleting Profiles
  • Hi MF-Team,

    at my Mapfactor (Android) I can delete the profiles I don't need (Bus, Bicycle, Truck, Camper). When I go back to the profiles the deleted ones are not shown, but when I shut down and restart the app the deleted profiles are back again. :-(

    Is that a bug or did I something wrong? - Is there any possibility to clean the app from these uneeded profiles?

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  • defaults will be restored, please create new profiles if you want to delete them later
  • Hi Tomas,

    yes, I found out, that my new profiles are stored, but how can I delete the default profiles? Any trick for those who don't want to have some of the defaults in the list?


    I cant write down answers from my ASUS tablet when I use Opera or Firefox browser. (When I tap to this text field, the keybord closes and the curser dissapears. :-(
    With the old ASUS browser it works, but that one isn't updated since "???" ;-)
  • you can delete default profiles, but they will come back
    you cannot get rid off them permanently

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