Reduce battery usage for pedestrian mode
  • I use Navigator on my Android phone when going hiking.  I have found that with Navigator running, the phone battery is drained rather quickly even if the screen is off.  I suspect that Navigator is calculating location information, and perhaps the screen image data, on a rapid basis (at the same rate as in automobile mode?).  High CPU usage is not a problem for a vehicle or even a bicycle since an external battery is can be readily available and is easy to carry.  Not the case when in pedestrian mode.  When one is walking, rapid updating of data is not needed as one will not move very far over a period of even a few seconds while walking.  Reducing update rates would lower CPU usage and should extend battery life.

    Option in a menu to set the update rate to a lower value for pedestrian mode?

    Option to turn off screen updating when in pedestrian mode and the screen is dark?
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  • Not the best app for hiking. Try oruxmaps. Its free along with the maps.
  • I use Alpinequest when hiking. Navigator is really only of use when driving or walking around a city. You need far more detailed maps for hiking.
  • I use Oruxmaps together with Openandromaps and Brouter for hiking and bycicle.
  • Thanks for the suggestions.  I will take a look at them.

    When we go on a trip, we are driving as well as hiking and biking.  I set up POI files using digger for entire trip including the places we are going to visit, patisseries (very important!), grocery stores, hotels, waypoints, etc.  So far, the hiking trails we have taken are for the most part found in OpenStreetMap.  For the few that are not, I record the hike and then update OSM.  Biking trips can be up to 300 miles long, so many waypoints and POIs for that.  For walking around a city for a day, I carry a spare battery since one will typically be completely drained if I keep Havigator running.  I can swap out batteries in my present phone, but many phone require major surgery to replace the battery.  Not something one would want to do on a street corner.

    If I were to use Oruxmaps, I would have to create two sets of maps, two sets of POIs files, etc.  Would be nice to have just one set and one app.

    So, I still hope that Navigator can be power reduced in pedestrian mode.
  • For charging my phone when walking camping etc, I use an XLayer Powerbank PLUS solar.
    It will charge my phone approx 4 times and the powerbank recharges on solar power. If you put it on the outside of your backpack (usually in a mesh pocket) it will recharge on its own even on a dull day. You can also recharge it from the mains and it`s also shower proof for when you get caught in the rain. It also has an LED light built in and two output rates 2.4A and 1A.
    Search for Xlayer Powerbank Plus 211474 and you should find it on the net. Cost me 25 euro.

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