Navigator identify's the waypoint/poi-list only as a Tracking/Routing-List
  • Hi!
    I understand how .gpx files are working (incl. Routes, Tracks and Waypoints).

    Since the last update/version of Mapfactor Navigator i can't import my POI/Waypoint (Favorites) List to the Favorites of the Navigator.
    Starting the import of the .gpx File to the Navigator, it identify's the waypoint/poi-list as a Tracking/Routing-List.
    Got 100 Waypoints in my list, needing for my job.
    Thx for any help!
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  • routeconverter is not our product, please contact developer directly
  • This was just a discription to explane my problem.
    We talk about MapFactor Navigator, the one a pay for.
  • I have the same problem.
    Create an gpx file with Mapfactor Navigator with only waypoints, no routes or tracks.
    Copy the gpx file to my android phone
    Select the gpx file on my android phone
    GPX file is imported in Mapfactor as a routing list, not as individual waypoints.

    This used to work, how can I get this to work again?

  • if GPX file contains waypoints (wpt), then it is
    imported as routing points set and you can use it to navigate if it
    conatins trackpoints (trkpt), then it is imported as track

    it is quite well explained here

  • But I want the waypoints to appear as favorites, not as part of one route.
    I have a lot of waypoints for my travel through Jordan (hotels, viewpoints etc.), and I want to be able to select an individual waypoint to navigate to and not have all the waypoints imported as one route.

    Last november I could do this.

    As an example, below a part of the gpx file, generated by basecamp that I import in mapfactor.
    It only contains waypoints (wpt), but mapfactor seems to import it as routepoints (rtept)

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><gpx creator="Garmin Desktop App" version="1.1"

        <link href="">
          <text>Garmin International</text>
        <bounds maxlat="32.380979061126709" maxlon="36.827266216278076" minlat="29.573779106140137" minlon="35.421767234802246" />

      <wpt lat="32.038696249946952" lon="35.72841564193368">
        <name>Al Salt</name>
        <sym>City (Medium)</sym>
  • you cannot import GPX to favourites, what makes you think that it was possible in previous versions?
  • Because in a past version this was possible, exactly as discribed. Now as a workaround I'm editing the favourites file directly. If You once got used to it it's not too hard. Take the gpx, convert it to a MFN file with GPS Babel and paste the result to Your favourites.xml, not too complicated.
  • One of the reasons I chose mapfactor over a lot of other routeplanners (I tried quite a few), and paid for the premium options was  how easy it was to import waypoints into the favorites.
    For me that is essential for how I use this app on my travels.
    I now findt that this is not possible anymore.

    I will try the method of 2highlander or maybe start using google offline maps instead, that will also work for me

  • to my knowledge this has not changed
  • I must reload this thread because of actual circumstances.

    I`m quite active in a motorbike forum and got some people to use MFN. Now we decided to tag all biker related places on the cards via ditributing a gpx file with waypoints only, but when importing it`s interpreted as a route. Due to my personal workaround this doesn`t hurt me, but it`s kind of very annoying because You can`t expect everyone to edit favorites.xml manually.

    I do understand how gpx files work. So, if I have a pure waypoint file I would expect it to be imported  as a waypoint list and nothing else.

    If You want a waypoint file to be imported as a route, I would expect it to be converted to the appropriate gpx-format first. Nothing easier than this with gps babel.

    Is there any chance to change this, some versions ago it did import the expected (and from my point of view) right way.

    Cheers and happy new Year,
  • if GPX file contains waypoints (wpt), then it is imported as routing points set and you can use it to navigate if it conatins trackpoints (trkpt), then it is imported as track - you would need to display track on the map and create waypoints along

    it is quite well explained here

  • Waypoints were originally meant as "points of interest". The fact that MNF makes it into a route is how waypoints gradually changed over the years. If Navigator would do it correctly, it should parse the file and then ask the user to import it as POIs, or as a route.

    According to the GPX 1.1 specification a waypoint (wptType) is: "wpt represents a waypoint, point of interest, or named feature on a map."
    The reason for that is simply because (in the past) there was no good standard and companies like Garmin used the waypoint as track/routing points, where others  used either track points (trkType) or route points (rteType). And because of Garmin (again) they added extensions in the GPX 1.1 standard.
    For that reason the link from Tomas is explanatory, but it is not complete in explaining what a waypoint can be. A better link would have been to redirect to the GPX specification: That one is the starting point for further explanation.

    So again: if Navigator would do it correctly, like a number of other Nav apps do, it would ask the user how it should import a waypoint gpx file: as POIs or as route (or as track).
  • yes and no
    problem is that GPX files usually contain far too many trackpoints to create reasonably sized routing points set
  • Not no, but yes. I have a waypoint GPX file with far more than 200 positions of forum members. It is intended for getting quick help for our oldie bikes from a forum member next to the own GPS position when shit has happened. So I need no routing to all members but to the only one next to me. Therefore, import as a simple list is the first choice.

    Wolf's suggestion via dialog if waypoint or route import is my absolute favorite so far! =D>
  • If I have a list of WPs as GPX file I use Digger to convert it to *mca. The WPs will then shown on the map with name and what ever symbol has been selected. They can then be selected directly in the map as destination or what ever when click on them or searched by name in POIs - Import - "XY" (Name of the import file) For me much easier then mess around with xml and easy to share with a group of people.
  • I also already thought about mca's. A few of them are running on my MFN and they start the cards to be covered too much. That's the reason why I wanted waypoints.

    But the problem is solved and before messing around with the digger tool, we made an own tool which automatically exports umap files to a MFN favourites.xml and automatically adds it to an existing favourites.xml in appropriate groups. Very elegant way, it's exactly 4 mouse clicks and even an idiot is successful.
  • Favorite folders aren't searchable and I have probably scroll a long list with entry's. So IMO it doesn't make much sense too have that much entrys in "Favorite" even if they are organized in seperat folders in the end I have a heap of folders and still these aren't searchable for a specific entry. For this reason I prefer my way (import GPX file with Digger) because imports are searchable for a specific entry and can be organized by mca's and when tapping on the map I can look and search for import WPs/POIs near my current position. The only feature from CE- and PC version that I'm missing in Android version is a list of installed maps where I can choose which of my import maps are displayed when running the program and then can be used and seached for setting a destination, WPs or what ever. In the map setting for the POIs of the Android version my own imports are not listed so it isn't possible too choose which of my imported "WPs/POIs" mca's are displayed and which not.
  • How I said, there are a few mca files running which beginn to clutter the maps. For me, I'm willing to check this way by kicking some mca's out for the sake of the forum entries. But how pois are distributed must firstly be discussed with the forum admins.

    Mca's are for MFN only and not suitable for other biker buddies with garmins or tomtoms. Concerning this, waypoints is most universal and if You devide the entries in appropriate groups, You have the choice inside MFN to make all pois of a group show up or not without pushing mca`s in or out of the maps directory.

    Our little prog uses a umap-file as source. It now automatically adds groups for forum members, garages, meetings and locations of other events to the original MFN favourites.xml. It also exports to tomtom, garmin and csv.
  • Can anyone tell me where my post here has gone?
  • at the top of this topic.

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