Custom startup screen
  • Running on an Android head unit, is there a way to customise the startup screen so instead of having just a plane white startup screen, have one of our own, if not could this be a feature that could be added in the future?

    I and many others are able to customise the startup screen with IGO Primo and makes it more personal, this is mine with IGO Primo

    but I have now converted to MapFactor Navigator as I think its about the best Navigator app out there
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  • which of those two screens do you consider customised?
    if the latter, then you can start Navigator with commands - see manual

  • sorry I should of side, the first one is the  custom splash screen for the head unit when first switched on,  the one with the world map is the custom splash screen for IGO Primo,

    I did the image in photoshop,I’m trying to link to the image of the splash screen where I normally host them but the link isn’t working
  • actually, I was wrong, you cannot start Navigator with command in Android, only in Windows

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