relocation of map factor navigator maps to ext sd card failed. no more space in phone
  • hii,

    my navigator is 3.11... version, android.

    my internal memory
    is full, but i have tons of space in external sd card. sadly no matter
    how i tried "change installation sd-card" to install maps into external
    sd card1, it just never happened.
    it only make a copy of some maps
    into external sd card, but it still keeps the original maps in the
    internal memory and using it. if i delete the maps from the internal
    memory folder, it won't be able to run,  and hence need to redownload
    the maps.. and it redownload the maps into the internet memory again.


    can help ?  i need to travel oversea, i need to download new maps of
    oversea country, but i don't have enough space in the phone as the
    result from the software issue.

    pls urgent help needed.
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  • What is your version of Android?
    If your have Android 6.0 or later, have you installed your sd card as internal storage or external?
  • I have no problems with my installations on sd-card. Navigator 4.0.85, Android 8.1. on a Galaxy Tab A or 8.0 on my Xperia X compact. I am not an Android expert, but upon my knowledge some Android versions had been very difficult concerning acces do sd-cards.
  • what Andrew describes happens when file(s) in original location are correpted, or SD faulty

  • i got it, a technical personal from map factor wrote to me.. telling me to clear data of navigator and reinstall map..
    i did just that, but i missed out the "backup data" hence lost all my favorite..

  • but i got new problem emerge as i have purchased a commercial tomtom map, all my other downloaded map are no longer visible in my navigator.. !!??

    what on earth is that.. so much issues.

    can anybody help ?

    i purchased 1 maps from tom tom commercial map of other country..
    but all my previously installed free map all no longer visible in map..

    how to get both visible ? or at least how to switch ?
  • In Navigator / Settings / Map Manager / Data Source you can choose which maps you use. TomTom or free OSM, or whether to be given a choice at start up.

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