new maps for v old device
  • Soniq ONR350;   50MB FRAM  + 128MB/256MB  SD card.   OS  WinCE 5.0.0  processor   ARM v4
    map viewer Destinator 6.x   Existing AU map 2006.xx.4262.

    Cannot mount SD card in puppy linux, which can read almost any std format.   Do not have user manual, but do have win 98, win XP, win7 win10  A special programme was needed to load maps from other gps, but can't remember name or source.    This is a nice unit, and I'd like to keep using it, but new maps are essential.   any s'ware upgrade avail would be much appreciated, with info on how to upload.

    winCE6 looks too big to fit in my avail RAM?    What do I do to remove Destinator and install free navigator v???  and AU maps, pls?  I do not know the max readable card size for this, pls advise.
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  • just installed win mob dev ctr v6.x and have access to device files.  Can see destinator folder and files.  Do I just deete it and add free navigator, which version pls?  then how do I add maps pls?

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