Serbian map
  • Hello,

    can you please re-check Serbian map? It seems that there is a lot of missing streets, house numbers etc etc. 

    For example my street wrong where I live, also e.g. city Niš, Bulevar 12. februar have only 3 numbers and that street have tons of numbers lol. 

    I paid for Premium. 
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  • Hello Tomas, 

    bought TomTom maps and they are not accurate. I already emailed you for refund. 

    There is a no difference between free and TomTom maps. 

    Explanation is in email. 

    One more issue: Bela Palanka  - Dojkinci have 65 KM and your map and TomTom says 74km and that 74th km is somewhere in nowhere forest lol.
  • Free maps are created by volunteers at - anybody can join and help to make maps better using their local knowledge. May be you can also contribute?

    You can also buy TomTom maps (Map manager/buy maps).
  • Refused to refund.

    Dispute opened with bank. 

    Negative feedbacks incoming. I dont care for €20 but you will not make me idiot to sell maps which are same as free maps. 
  • but there are not the same, please compare with
  • I just uploaded some fixes on for streets. Either way I waiting on refund. 

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