Estimated time is too short
  • First of all: the navigation works great!
    Thank you for this free app, wonderful.

    The voice (in Dutch) is a little boring, a possibility to choose another voice would be nice, but it is not a problem.
    What bothers me more is the fact that the estimated time is always too short.
    A distance of 85 km through some cities is impossible to do in 49 minutes.
    On a short distance the difference is some minutes, but as the distance gets larger, the difference gets more and more.

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  • If your driving top speed is the same as the maximum allowed speed on a specific road, the later it is possible to achieve only in theory.

    Any hindrance (traffic, bends, crossings etc.) allow only a percentage of it, in my experience between 90% (motorways) downto 50% (residential roads).


    I normally drive around speed limits, which are 130 (motorway), 100 (trunk), 90 (country roads, if roads and speed limits permit) and 50 (city limits), so I created my own "MyCar" profile with my adjusted speed averages(!):


    Motorway 80/110
    Primary Road 70/90
    Major Road 60/90
    Secondary Road 40/60
    Local Connecting Road 40/50
    Local Road of High Importance 35/45
    Local Road 30/40

    Small Local Road 25/40

    And I always use the "Use speed limits" setting.


    These values are based on experience and give me a quite correct prediction. It may be a bit pessimistic if there is no traffic, but errors are around 5% or less. In my opinion it is always better to arrive a little early than to lag behind the estimate from the Navigator.

    Play with the values and find your own, there are no "best" values for all countries and all drivers.


  • My congratulations to the mapFactor team for this great app.

    i have also noticed that the ETA is a bit short...

    My question is, can the mapfactor navigator system somehow "learn" my driving habits thus getting more accurate routing time in the long run?

  • MapFactor has the default speed setting for a car set as (Urban Speed /Extra Urban Speed):

    Motorway 80/130
    Primary Road 50/90
    Major Road 50/85
    Secondary Road 50/80
    Local Connecting Road 50/70
    Local Road of High Importance 50/60
    Local Road 40/60


    I assume you are using the free, Open Street Map version.


    Motorways (in OSM) are Motorways in MapFactor Navigator, a Trunk (OSM) is a Primary Road, Primary Road (OSM) becomes a Secondary Road in Navigator,
    Secondary (OSM) is a Local Connecting Road and so on, read


  • Thanks a lot, riccie. I've been trying with many possible configurations of the parameters, and it's amazing that your values also give me good results.

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