Navigator free 18 release date?
  • How to find out when Navigator free 18 released? How about a announcement on the internet or here in the forum?
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  • It is already released, at least the PC version. Version 18.1.4
    WINCE version is still 17.1.6

  • Hello,

    i have a problem,when i try to make the update from 17 to 18 via the 17 update it apen an error

    c:\ProgramData\Navigator\x.y\setup\setup.dat is not RAR archive and then a new popup  "unable to copy new file.Runing the old setup version,and when i do it it start again


  • @zaza, please remove all files from the folder "C:\ProgramData\Navigator\x.y\Install\",because there are the old setup files saved. And if there a old version, the setup utility do not downloading the new. And ignore the product updates - use just Install application for the Application update. And for the Setup Utility Update just downloading it new from the internet.
  • @Matthias Well, I installed on a fresh WIN 10 PC and after an install on PC and WINCE I got the following files in \ProgramData\Navigator\18.1\Install:

    pnp:app.rar  which is the WINCE setup still version 17.1.6
    setup_pc_navigator.exe which is the PC version 18.1.4-1
      out of which installed PC_Navigator.exe (sorry for the mistake 3 posts above, 18.1.4)

    I did nothing special except untick "Early maps access".  See the other thread "setup utility 18.1.0"

  • @Uli When you use the x.y folder, you need top delete the old files.  I don't know anymore what how to use the x.y folder, but while a fresh installation the setup utility requesting for where to save downloaded data, and there is a option for the x.y folder or a folder for all installed products. This was not my problem. The setup utility downloaded the setup file for Navigator and installed 17.1 anyway and a day later it downloaded 18.1.4. This is strange because you got the 18 erlier.

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