HD Traffic and Openstreetmap
  • will it work?
    Purchased Online license traffic information and free maps Openstreetmap
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  • yes, it will work
  • I'm preparing my next trip and this morning, I went to:
    1. Map manager
    2. Buy maps
    3. Online traffic information
    4. Europe Traffic Information
    I bought it and now, going to the same menu, I see a big green "Subscribed" on that item.

    Nevertheless, when I go to:
    1. Tools
    2. HD Traffic
    Navigator still tells me that HD traffic is only available if I buy it.

    By chance, I had to restart Navigator and now this does show "No Traffic information available..." (probably because I did not create an itinerary yet).

    I think that upon buying the HD traffic, you should reset a status in your software or inform the end user that this will be taken into account at the next restart of Navigator.
  • Note: My previous comment is made on version 4.0.53.
    I confirm that once a destination was set, I got HD traffic.
  • This is a strange route.

    Other GPS apps relying on Tomtom HD Traffic stays on the E25 as only an exit on the E25 is blocked while the E25 is not affected (even traffic is ok at the time of the screenshot).

    I doubled checked this on https://mydrive.tomtom.com and Tomtom would keep the E25 too.

    Is there something not understood well by your engine ?
  • with TomTom maps I have the same route as on your second image
    so problem may be with OSM maps?
  • Good to know. Thank you Tomas.

    Keep up the good work.

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