Mapfactor leaves motorway and takes a secondary road
  • Mapfactor can not use the motorway section shown in the picture.

    Settings: default car, fastest route

    Departure: 51°24'06.4"N, 9°45'21.7"E
    Destination: 51°27'34.7"N, 9°52'08.2"E


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  • Its not a navigator-problem. You get the same route, when you check it at

    Why? Dont know....
  • At and and with and osmand I get the route via the motorway A7, as it should be.
  • on I get "Couldn't find a route between those two places."
    please check and osmand have for map date release, they probably have older version
  • In Mapfactor Navigator there seems to be a problem at the transition between the maps "Germany West" and "Germany North". This transition lies in the middle of the motorway section.
  • do you have maps from the same month?
  • I have the newest maps:

    Germany West OSM, April 18, 2018
    Germany North OSM, Juni 13, 2018

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