vehicle_profiles and backup strangeness (Android) - where did I go wrong?
  • Hi,

    after reading a thread here in the forum about the vehicle_profiles.xml file I had a "bright" idea:

    I only ever use the two profiles "Pedestrian" and "Car", so I decided to remove the others.

    -went to "Settings > Advanced > Backup and reset" and triggered a backup,
    -additionally made a backup copy of the file I wanted to modify,
    -removed the part that seemed relevant, reducing the file's size from 16.8 kB to 8.5 kB,
    -restarted Navigator ... oops, only the "Car" profile left - I'd removed something I shouldn't have;
    -replaced the new file with the backed-up version, started Mapfactor, ... only the "Car" profile;
    -went to "Settings > Advanced > Backup and reset > Restore",
    -selected today's backup,
    -selected the last option, restored, closed and restarted Navigator ... only "Car";
    -rebooted my device, ran Navigator, ... only the "Car" profile,
    -restored a Navigator backup from last week, rebooted my device, ran Navigator, ... only "Car".

    Is there anything I can do short of uninstalling/reinstalling the whole app?
    (It is on the SD card, in the blasted "Android" folder, so this is always a hassle.)

    ...and WHY ON EARTH did the app accept the first change but ignored all others?



    Edit: I THOUGHT I had a solution when reading Tomas' advice in a different thread, and, in Android's App Info, deleted the data and cleared the cache.
    Rather than messing things up by inadvertently moving the wrong files back into "Android > data >..." I simply started the app and went through the usual steps of selecting the free maps, my preferred language and "downloading at least one map", then went to my vehicle profiles... STILL only "Car". :-(

    Edit 2: I only just realised - I had renamed the "Car" profile to my personal car's brand, and now it's actually once again called "Car"! Am I in the "Twilight Zone"?

    Edit 3: As I will need the "Pedestrian" profile today, I decided, as the fastest solution, to "bite the bullet" and uninstall/reinstall; opened Navigator's page in the Play Store, and read "as you have left the beta program, you might want to uninstall this app and then reinstall it."
    Is my participation in the beta program stored somewhere in the app's data on my device rather than in the Play Store, or is this just one more weird thing happening today?


    Edit 4: I uninstalled, reset my device, reinstalled, went through the first steps in Navigator, opened my "Route Setup" ... STILL ONLY THE "CAR" PROFILE!!!!!!

    It seems that, until some Navigator expert tells me what to do, I'll have to put my "daily driver" aside and unearth my backup phone, an Honor 9 (my biggest mistake since coming to Android six years ago - but at least Navigator on that device has an unedited Vehicle profile!)
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  • I would try the following:
    1. remove the file vehicle_profiles.xml without replacing it with your backup file. Then start navigator again. I expect that navigator will create a new profile.
    2. uninstall navigator. install an older version of navigator. Perhaps this will work. Then update to the latest version.

    I do not know if this works but you can try it..
  • Hi, mes,

    thanks for your ideas.

    I tried both - neither brings any change - I think.

    However, while my question "Why?" definitely still needs an answer, it's not quite as urgent as before: after trying out your idea no.2, I decided to at least check if the "Car" profile still works; when I tapped on it, there was the whole list of profiles; I tried out the "Pedestrian" profile, starting and ending on a footpath, and it works.

    Of course, I'd still love to know why this particular change I made is so incredibly resistant to being revoked!
  • Ooooops - how embarassing!

    Of course everything is back to normal - sorry to have bothered the forum; no idea why I expected the other profiles to reappear on the top level of the Route Setup screen - where they had never been!
    The recollection appeared in what I use for a brain this morning when I woke up, as solutions to problems sometimes do.

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