tts.xml and new versions of Navigator for Android
  • Hi,
    I use a heavily modified tts file (I changed most commands in German and a few each in British English, French and Dutch).

    Currently new versions seem to appear every few days, and I find it quite annoying that after every update I have to overwrite the tts.xml file of the update with my modified one.

    Is it possible (and feasible) to somehow make the commands for synthesized speech part of the personal settings that carry over from update to update?
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  • same for the warning-sound-files. These are overwritten by every update ;(
  • same for navigation.xml.

    I would be nice if we can select files that are excluded from an update.
  • +1

    That would be nice indeed.
  • Wave files would be possible to keep but XMLs are often changing (new translations, format changes) and then old XMLs can make the app unstable.

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