HD Traffic Data.
  • Dear All,

    I have few question about the Mapfactor, will be happy if anybody can help.

    1. What is HD traffic Data, is this same as RDS TMC data sent over FM.
    2. Blaupunkt Atlantis 945 support mapfactor?
    3. When ever clicking HD traffic data, getting error your license does not over HD traffic features, how to buy license for the same.

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  • 1. no, it is TomTom traffic data supplied over data connection
    2. depends on Android version, it should be 4 or higher
    3. Map manager/buy maps
  • 3. It says "1 year - Price: 9.00 EUR"

    Will my app continue to receive LIVE HD TRAFFIC DATA after the 12 months of usage, or would I need to pay 9€ again for another 12 months of traffic service?
  • you would need to renew
  • Okay thanks for info. That's how I understood it in the first place, no problem. :-\"

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