Problem searching hamlets / villages in Denmark

  • If you search for a hamlet ore a village on Danish map using MF search, you will not always find it.
    There are two ways to map hamlets or villages, 1) as a note, 2) as an area. Please have a look at
    If hamlets / villages are mapped in OSM as a note you can find them by MF search, and you can see the name on the map.
    If hamlets / villages are mapped as an area you can’t find them by MF search, and you can’t see the name on the map.

    Denmark , Suldrup. Denmark Ravnkilde – mapped as spot
    Denmark, Vester Hornum. Denmark, Vinderup – mapped as an area

    There are a lot of hamlets and villages mapped as an area so I hope it is possible for you to change the maps, so this problem can be solved.

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  • @tomas. I can see there has been a lot of discussion about this problem, but I can’t see if MF can / will change the way of rendering, so it is possible to find and see all the hamlets / villages, ore you are suggesting me to use MAPS.Me ore a similar app. I really don’t want to leave MF, because I have used it for many years, and I like it very much.
  • So it is clear that a node will always work, and that it's most often used also to mark the center of a city.
    However, it is weird that MNF only "recognizes" nodes and not areas.
    Theoretical discussions as to what is the  best, almost never apply to the real world.
    I can name a few other OSM nav apps which perfectly work with areas only (just tested it).

    The point is not whether MNF supports it now.
    The question is: Will MNF adapt the rendering to support areas for "places"?
  • I am sure we will look at it when we do not have more important things to do
  • shouldn't every settlement should be mapped as 'node' ?
  • No, see the link in @tvo's post above.
  • well, I read it and what it says just confirms what I think

    Because of the lack of verifiability and the different conflicting
    ideas for the meaning of the outline and because the well defined centre
    of the place which is useful and important for many applications is not
    part of such mapping it is not advisable for mappers to map populated
    places as areas but to map them as nodes. Data users should not expect
    the area geometries of populated places to have a particular meaning.

    As of late 2017, populated places mapped as areas do not render in the openstreetmap-carto stylesheets. This is a known issue, documented at openstreetmap-carto's GitHub project.
    The mentioned areas does render fine in most other maps though (Osmand,, Mapscii, the transport Map, Mapbox products, etc).

  • I am not suggesting anything, I just think that settlements should be mapped as nodes and OSM seems to agree with me
  • I cannot answer that at this moment
  • So it is clear that a node doesn't always work. For place=allotments this definitely does not work in MF.
    Am I right, Tomas? )))  Hope, it will be solved, sometime.

    OK, have a look from the other side. The end user doesn't need to know how everything works. If the data already exist in the OSM, please, just do it useful for us. We appreciate your work.
  • @tomas. Some news about this. I hope you will change it soon because it’s a growing problem in Denmark because some of the most active mappers in Denmark prefer to map hamlets and villages as an area and not as a point, as you can see here it is legal but not recommended as first priority, but they use it. That means that there are a lot of villages and hamlets without name. Please have look at the map Denmark and you will see a lot of villages and hamlets without names. If I use other nav. Apps using OSM, I can see all the names.
  • I am not sure what is it you want us to do
    correct OSM data?
    processing areas as points may not be as easy as you think, it could create errors elsewhere
  • @tomas. Of course I am not asking you for changing OSM, the OSM data are not wrong. I hoped that you could change your map, but I understand that is very difficult to do. Fortunately I have got a new car with integrated TOMTOM navigation, so I only use MF navigation for special cases, so I will stop this discussion now, but I think it must be a problem for other users of Danish map, and maybe other maps.

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