Dark background for day mode
  • Does anyone know how to achieve a black background for day mode?
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  • settings/customise map
  • No, that's for the cards only, but not for the background of the menus. I would like to change this from this ugly bright white to black.
  • Settings: map customisation: map colours: night mode: always night mode
    That will give black background always but won't change map theme when dark.
  • you can set any theme for night mode or day mode
  • I fear You don't understand what i really mean.

    In earlier versions of MFN, I used night mode always on in combination with a high contrast user day mode scheme for the maps. This was optimal for motorbike use. But since the ultra night mode being introduced, the icons of the night mode are kind of dull with low contrast, so that you merely can see anything in outdoor use. This makes the interface very hard to handle.

    I know the scheme editor very well, but it only affects the maps, not the interfaces menus. I would like a night mode with high contrast icons and have already passed this to Tomas, but he would like to leave the actual night mode as it is. So I thought vice versa, a day mode with dark background.

    Why complaining?

    MFN is running on a S5 in a splashbox, fitted to my motorbike in landscape format. Whereever it's possible I have turned black backgrounds on the whole device due to heat issues. With white backgrounds my handy will switch off sooner or later because of the bright display heating the whole thing up. With black backgrounds it does not and btw, a black background on the whole device lowers power consumption remarkably.

    As far as I know, changing the day mode's background is simply not possible in the MFN app. So as a consequence, I already had a glimpse at the files of the apk package, but I'm not a programmer and therefore couldn't figure out which files to manipulate.... *grzgrmbl

    For my needs, MFN is the best navigation app I have ever used on the bike, even better than those especially for bike use. It would be a real pity to dispense with navigator because of such little things....
  • There was UI change between version 3.0 and 3.1

    Navigator 3.0 has:
    day UI mode - white background, black text
    night UI mode - black background, white text

    Navigator 3.1 has:
    day UI mode - white background, black text
    night UI mode - black background, gray text (I was against it because by design it is completely wrong)

    You can download version 3.0 from here (I am not sure how long this link will point on version 3.0):

    IMPORTANT NOTE: to install 3.0 you have to uninstall the actual version and that will cause deletion of the maps!
  • Your description of the ui change exactly hits the point, I fully agree with You. Thx for the link, I will rather dispense with some additional features than on the old interface's usability and anger with navigation because of my handy switching off.

    But nevertheless I must state that routing is perfect when vehicle settings are OK and You got used to how MFN is working. Some time ago, I also tried Calimoto and Navigon Cruiser, but somehow MFN's flexibility always catches me back "home".
  • I can only say that this was done on request of many users

  • I know, even I really don't understand why. You can dim the device's display by its own adjustment possibilities. Was the white background of day mode also done by request?
  • that was always white
  • Ah, OK, never used that. Is there a chance to get it black instead?
  • Some apps allow users to choose between a light interface and a dark one
  • Yesssss, this is a feature I use wherever it's possible. If you do this consequently You may save a lot of battery power. And btw, in my eyes it also looks more stylish *grin
  • Thanks a lot for all these advices!

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