• The files routing_points.xml stores information on My Routes and the active route (if loaded).

    My routes are stored on multiple lines with one item on each line.
    All the information of the active route is stored on one line.

    Is there a reason for this difference or is it pure cosmetical??

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  • I have all routes on multiple lines, including active
  • When i open the fie in firefox I see all the routes, including the active route on multiple line.
    When I Open the file in kwrite (linux editor) or another simple text editor the active route is on one line.
    I gues it makes no difference?
  • Look in my comments for  "Let Mapfactor create ...." for a possible solution.

  • xml files are defined by the xml tags for that specific file. It doesn't make a difference whether it is all on one line or not, as long as the line is shorter than 32767 characters.
    Linux and windows use different line end schemes. Sometimes you see one line when opening a file in Notepad on Windows, sometimes you see one line in (really the most) simple linux editor.

    There is no solution here. The only solution is to use a good editor on any platform that recognizes the line-end schemes.
    If Navigator would use windows line endings (please not!), a few users on linux would complain.
    If Navigator would use linux endings (after all android is a java gui on linux), the windows users only using notepad would complain.
  • I am on linux. Did not know about the different handling of line-ends in windows and linux. Thanks hvdwolf for this info.

    It seemed strange to me that I found a difference between the routes (all on separate lines) and the default route (all on one line) in the same file.
    I edited the file so that the default route also is on separate lines and tried it. No surprise so it just works!

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