Voice alarm problem, GPS problem
  • Gps configuration and .wav files problems.

    I have a Lark Freebird 43.1 device and have installed Mapfactor Navigator free v. 11.0.56. Works great but there are two problems:
    1. Each time I turn the program on I have to pass the whole GPS configuration process. It autodetects the Glonav GPS Driver 57600 baud, then I have to click that selection, the GPS starts calculating position and everything works OK. But the next time I turn the Navigator on, it does show as connected device the Glonav driver, but calculates only  one position, then shows "number of satellites - 0 " and shows constantly the starting position. I have to repeat the autoconfiguration process and then it works OK until turned off. This is not a very serious problem, but quite annoying.
    2. I succesfuly managed to build using Digger an MCA file with fixed speedcam locations and install it. But I cannot  configure and enable the voice warning. I selected the  sound files suggested by the configuration routine (scout_100.wav and scout_500.wav), but when I tried preview, I've got a  message that such files couldn't be found. I checked and and found out that there were no such files in any of the program folders. I've created suitable .wav files and placed them in the main program folder (Navigator11), then in existing subfolders: espeak-data, IMAGES, search_history, but still they couldn't be neither played nor found by the program. What is wrong?
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  • Problem 2 solved.  In the file settings.xml , section <SCOUT> I added  path to the sound file ( \SDMMC\Navigator11\scout_500.wav). It solved the problem!
  • for some reason your settings does not get saved
    just edit the gpstmc section of settings.xml, similar to:

  • Tomas, that won't do. In settings.xml there is:
              <friendly_name>GLONAV GPS DRIVER</friendly_name>
       all the time, regardless gps works ok or not
    . But the gps works all right only after autoconfiguration routine every time. Anyway thank you,

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