Width of the roadside E-Ink screen
  • Hi,
    Like many of my friends, I use the E-Ink screen of Yotaphone 2 for navigation.
    Would it be possible to have roadside widths to better see the roads as on another GPS we use, see picture.
    Thank you.
    Comme plusieurs de mes amis, j'utilise l'écran E-Ink du Yotaphone 2 pour la navigation.
    Serait-il possible d'avoir des largeur de bord de route afin de mieux voir les routes comme sur un autre GPS que nous utilisons, voir image.

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  • just curious.
     What is the other navigation app??
  • @MacDony try to SW renderer in the last beta... And maybe slightly edit album.style (it is a XML)
  • One of the nice features of mapfactor (android version)  is that you can customize the map scheme's.
    In the settings - map customisation you can choose different scheme's. Perhaps one of these screens is the right one for you.
    Bu you can also edit many aspects of a map scheme: global - text - line - area. In the line area you can change the way the roads look. 

    But be careful. The number of possibilities is huge so it is very easy to make a mess of it.
    This is what I would do:
    1. choose the scheme that you like the most.
    2. clone this scheme and rename it to test.
    3. experiment in this test scheme.

  • the menu edit the color palette does not work on the beta !?
  • No, I will take a look on it on monday.

    Note album.style have more possibilites than color editor in Navigator offers (and not all of this possibilites works in HW renderer)
  • Read "Test of android version 3.1.x"

  • In the file "album.style" what should I change as a value or parameter for the width of the road edges?
    Thank you.

          <name tr="yes">YotaPhone2</name>

  • As far as I know you can adjust line-width for roads (the "inner" path), but not the width of the edge (the "outer" lining)
  • OK :(
    would it be possible to add this option of line width of road borders?
    like the other gps in the first post of this topic ?
  • @hvdwolf is right - there is no way to edit it in album.style (and we are not able to change it, sorry)

    @MacDony - anyway I did small modification in 3.1.73+ (it should be on beta this week), I added detection that screen is eink (using hint here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15221787 - I am not sure if it will work ok on your device as there is getDefaultDisplay())

    Anyway if eink display is detected than width of road borders will increase and centering animation will be disabled (you should not use it with 3D mode)
  • @Lubos,
    version 3.1.75 no change.
    You can put a message "E-Ink screen détected" or other
    And important, put a E-Ink schema in the list of schema
  • Then the code from stackoverflow does not work on your device... 

    It is not possible to make schema from it as our schema format does not have frame width for lines
  • @lubos,
    "getDefaultDisplay())" is the default screen ?
    On yotaphone, the default screen is O-Led screen, E-Ink screen is the second screen.


  • @MacDony I am not sure why did you send me xda forum link - there is nothing what can help me.
    Default screen can be the issue. The problem is that there is no API to detect which display is active.

    I gave it up. I made workaround in version 3.1.80+ that if you create file or folder "eink" in Navigator folder it will force the eink configuration.

    Note: eink configuration works in HW renderer only (in SW renderer it is not so easy)
  • @Lubos,
    on the xda forum, some have made applications for the e-ink screen.
    I thought there would be useful information.
    Folder "eink"in "\Android\data\com.mapfactor.navigator\files\navigator" or "navigator" ?
  • Lubos, you are a champion !

  • Hi,
    Is it possible to have the dashboard in Black and White and not in Gray Level in E-Ink mode ?!

  • No, there is no setting making it possible
  • Hi,

    Version 3.1.92

    There is no zoom large enough to navigate in 2D mode.

    In 3D mode the width of the road edges is increased with the zoom.

  • It seems I made mistake in rescaling road borders. It will need a bigger code review and we are already releasing 3.1.92. I will try to fix it in future version.

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