visibility of imported POIs
  • I prepared some own POis with digger on my PC Win 10 and imported them to the Navigator data folder in a folder named import.
    POIs were visible and could be searched in Navigator.
    Transfered to a Samsung S5 with Android 6 it worked fine also. The same with a Lenovo TAB4 with Android 7.1.1.
    Transfering the data to a Samsung S7 with Android 7.0 did not show any icon in  any zoomlevel nor was ist searchable. The import was not vsible in the search routine.
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  • Kann mir da niemand weiterhelfen?
  • probably wrong folder
  • good guess.
    the input file is in the same position as in the other systems.

  • @wolsomo, take a look into logs - in every log in beginning there is list of loaded data (maybe there is some error message)
  • sd-karte>android>data>com.mapfactor.navigator>files>navigator>data>import
  • put it into sd-karte>android>data>com.mapfactor.navigator>files>navigator>data
  • that is what I tried before. I did it again, but it did not help.
    In the other systems it works in>import
    could it be that the problem lies in Android version 7.0. It works in Verion 7.1.1
  • Can you try it in internal storage? It can be connected with sd card access - files downloaded into data folder using navigator works, sideloaded does not. I cannot explain you why exactly this happens but we had already one case like this (if it is source of your problem)
  • It seams that it is not possible to change the storage for the Navigator installation to an externel SD-Card. Neither with Android APP tool nor with the Navigator moving tool.
    Whenever you start Navigator and go to the changemenu you will find an installation in the internal SD-Card. Switching to external SD only copies the mapdata and every start of Navigator uses the map-installation on the internal memory. Deleting the data in the internal memory causes Navigator to crash. This happens with Navigator installation on internal and external SD.
    Due to the intensiv memory consumation of the Navigator maps stuorage on external SD is essentuel.

  • I thought that you have it on external SD card. So it is another issue
  • Now the POIs are visible.
    I found some well hidden leftover Navigatorfiles in the internal storage.
    After deletion of the files Navigator shows POIs as planned.
  • There is some limit of imported POI, maybe that was the issue
  • >35000 work fine.
    Do you know the limit.
     I did not meassure it, but it seems that with many own POIs the startup time is somewhat longer.
  • There is limit of .mca files not of objects... Imports make startup time longer
  • What is the limit for .mca files?
  • I have an old information that there is limit of 6 imported mcas but I am not sure how actual this information is.

    Note that cameraspeed and cameralight are also imports.
  • Thanks.
    The mentioned I do not need, 6  in total are ok for me.
    In worst case I could combine two ore three lists to one. I only have to fine out how I can give every part an own Icon in digger.
  • I thought it was about 30 from a previous answer
  • It can be, my information about 6 come from the year 2014

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