Icons disappear and appear when zooming
  • Hello, i have imported some POI with DiggerQT to Navigator Version 3.0.125 on Android 7.0 . These are presented with their own picture in the map. But when zooming into different map scales they disappear and appear later. Also, some POIs are sometimes not displayed while others are presented with their image in the map.
    Are there special settings in DiggerQT so that the images are always displayed in all zoom levels?
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  • during import you ca set zoom level
  • Thanks Tomas,
    i have tried different Settings for the used icon image . This only changed the size of the icons. Nevertheless, the icons disappear at certain zoom levels and appear again later.

    It seems rather a problem of the selective presentation of the icons in the navigator app. Depending on the zoom level, the icons of the points of interest are summarized or left out individually in order to improve the readability of the map. This does not seem to work properly for the imported POI.
  • This is correct. You need to increase the size at different zoom levels BUT they then clutter the route overview screen.

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