How to easily upload "Favourites" or "Waypoints" to free Navigator ?
  • Greetings from Belgium.
    I am a parglider and have a small campervan.
    At that occasion I have to upload the coordinates of the starting and landing areas for paragliding and of the areas where I can stay overnight and also ... some other stuff.
    This never exceeds a couple of hundred waypoints and I would like to be able to finish the job in a short time. Is this possible ?
    I am aware of the possibility of POI loading and did this a long time ago for my Garmin Nuvi 1690 - which broke down during an official update from Garmin (...nice update). But I do not have the time to learn how to do this for Navigator now.
    Is there no easier wat like ... maybe copying a .gpx file to a certain directory in my smart phone  (android - samsung s4).     
    Thks in advance for any help.
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  • I think this is not easy. 
    I found a webpage that provides some information about this:

    The steps on this page are:
    1 convert the poi-file (gpx) to xml file
    2 copy and paste the pois from the xml-file to the favourites.xml of mapfactor
    I doubt if this will work.

    I made one favourite on the map (my home location) in mapfactor. Then I looked in the file favourits.xml. The coördinates of my home location looked completely different from the standard notation. So there is a (unknown to me ) conversion of the coördinates in mapfactor.
  • gpx files can contains waypoint, routes and tracks

    Mapfactor can show gpx-tracks on the map. When the tracks also contains time information the track can be 'played'

    Gpx-routes can be imported with the seperate Route-importer app.  Then the route can be navigated.

    The question of 'Jozefleon' is about gpx-fies with waypoints.  There seems to be no easy import function for these waypoint files.

    It would be very nice when Mapfactor would be capable of importing all three kind of gpx-files!! :)
  • Thank you for yr reaction.
    If I understand this well, I don't have to try to import waypoints to free navigator, in which case I will have to continue to use my separate garmin gpsmap62s which is an outdoor gps with barometer (for exact altitude measurement for flying) ...until I have time to create a POI database on my smartphone ...
    But routes may also be interesting ... However do I have to install a separate "routing app". I entered "mapfactor routing app" in google play store but got no hits ...?
    How can I enter a route created in .gpx file in free Navigator ?
    thks once more fr yr kind help
  • I am not sure that I understand your comments

    Navigator imports GPX as routing points set is GPX file contains waypoints, otherwise it will be imported as track
    it is quite well explained here
  • showing a gpxfile on the map:

    1. gpx file with waypoints: points are connected with straight lines
    The waypoints are not added to the My places/Favourits.
    I think that Jozefleon tries to import waypoints to My places/Favourits.
    (The waypoints can be imported as route with Route Importer, see next situation)

    2. gpx file with route: route points are connected with straight lines (same as with waypoints)
    The route can be added to My places/My Routes with the Route Importer App.
    (Route Importer für MapFactor is in playstore)

    3. gpx file with track: track is shown on the map.

  • I managed to import waypoints from a gpx-file into My places / Favourites. Was not easy for me.
    I used a gpx-file with 55 waypoints
    1. converted the gpx-file to txt-file with Routeconverter
    2. imported this file in Libreoffice Calc
    3. converted the gps-coordinates to format  mapfactor
    4. added text to  lines simular to format in favourites.xml
    5. copied lines from Liberoffice Calc to new txt-file
    6. Cleaned up the lines
    7. copied the lines to favourites.xml

    So it can be done but it is not an simple task.
    I would love to see an importfunction in Mapfactor
  • Thanks most sincerely fot reactions.
    I do understand the difference between routes, tracks and waypoints and replied this here in a "post comment" - which somehow did not appear in the forum ....I don't understand why.

    Mes, thks for the two methods to get my waypoints in the favourites lists, I will try them out when I have some more timen.
    In the meantime I am a bit dissapointed as I tried yesterday to use Free Navigator for a simple walk from the city of Ghent to the railway station ... and Navigator kept replying : the route cannot be found.  Well that's no problem in Ghnetbecause  I studied here and yesterday there was a big celebration for the 200 th anniversary of the Ghent University. It would be more annoying after you climbed a mountain with 17 kg equipment on your back trying to find the start.

    Anyway thks again most sincerely for all reactions.   Let's see if this post will now find its way to this forum ...

  • @mes
    there is easier way to do it
    simply copy your GPX file to your device, folder android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/gpx
  • @tomas
    Yes, thats is an easy way to show the waypoints on the map. But this does not add the waypoints to My places / Favourites. And that is what I tried to accomplish.
  • Thks for both reactions.
    Could it not be interesting to try the following :
    rename your .gpx file (with yr waypoints) with the same name as the oldest .gpx file with favourites, which you find in the navigator directory on your smartphone and overwrite this file with your renamed file ..??

    I wil try this myself when I have time..
    Thks once more and rgds 
  • gpx files are stored in a separate directory: .
    /android/data/com.mapfactor/navigator/files/navigator/gpx. They can be shown on the map. You can store as many gpx files in this directory
    Favorites are stored in the file favourites.xml. This is not a gpx file
  • Thanks.
    I'll try it.

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