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  • Hello,
    I have a problem in wanting to add a new folder in my favorite, indeed my favorites already has 10 folders which filled the page and so impossible to click on an empty place of the page to add a new folder, it automatically goes in a file already present. Exp: in favorite are germany, belgium, ect ...., switzerland (10 files), impossible to add a 11th file,
    thank you

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  • I added 14 groups without problem
  • Hello Tomas,

    When I open the folder Favorite editor, I have the 10 folders already created that take the whole page whose 1 ° is grayed out automatically, to add a new folder i must clik on "add a folder" button that will create it as under Folder in that grayed out, but to create a 11th folder is impossible since there is no empty space to click on it.

    thank you for your time

  • If you make one favorite outside the folders and position it on top, like a home favorite and/or a work favorite, you can easily create new folders. These new folders will be added at the bottom.
  • Hello,

    i just did it this way,i create a folder in the 1° folder,i make a favorite on the map,i put it on my new folder then i go via the editor in the 1° folder find mi new folder and i drag it on the top,that is the only way i find;

    thank you

  • ps. Is it not possible to add a "create a new folder" function in adding a favorite?
  • Hm, I don't know why you have faced this problem... Try to play with settings

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