navigator 17, difference in functionality between paid and free version
  • I would like to know the differences  between the paid and free version of navigator 17. I do not mind to pay for an application, but if it is only the use of TomTom maps then  i wonder if it is worth to pay. So what is the advantage for me in my need for in car navigation?

    Note: i am quite happy with navigator, that is not the point.
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  • TomTom maps have more consistent routing attributes resulting in more
    reliable routing, more house numbers and POIs, motorway signs, lane
    application is the same
  • Thanks for the response Tomas. What i like about the osm maps is the frequent updates. What about the update frequency of the TT maps?
  • I adjusted the colors of the features on the maps and the width of the lanes/roads to make the map more readable for me on my system. Can this also be done on TT maps?
  • yes, your settings should apply to both
  • I don't know about the TomTom maps update frequency, but note that they are not for free
  • As for the navigation data in TT maps and OSM maps for Germany university Heidelberg found in a study in 2012, that OSM maps of 2011 lacked only 9% to TT maps at that time. They exspected however, that OSM maps for Germany would catch up to TT by the end of 2012. Since it is 2017 now, at least Germany OSM maps should be equal to TT maps. And I would expect, that for many other countries this is the same.
  • I actually have had little issues with the OSM maps, used in Germany incl Berlin, France incl Paris and south west country side, Netherlands. 
    I like them, and if the paid version of Navigator17 is only about the cost of the TT maps, then i will stick with the Free version including the  OSM maps.
  • Couple of days ago when I started Navigator, it kindly suggested why not upgrade to TomTom maps. Well, I will tell you why I certainly will NOT:

    Must have been a year ago when I decided to give TomTom maps a try. So I paid, downloaded them and as soon  as I had them installed I decided to drive around for a little while to benefit from all those great advantages which they were said to have.

    First of all by that time there was a little park being built opposite my home and first thing I noticed was that while the OSM maps already knew about this park, it didn't appear in the TomTom maps. Well, anyway I thought, a park isn't that important, is it and  off I went. But, what was that? A newly built roundabout - again already known by the OSM maps, didn't appear in the TomTom maps either, claiming it was a crossing which hadn't been the case for a couple of months then.  When I was outside town again there was another newly built roundabout which, again, didn't appear in the TomTom maps but had already been included in the OSM maps. It was then that I quickly regreted having paid for those maps and decided that I'd stick along with the OSM maps. Besides that I never had any problems with the OSM maps and always found my destination without any problems, even when I went to Croatia on holiday, I really asked myself why I should pay for maps which certainly neither aren't as up-to-date as the free ones nor have any other advantages from my point of view.

    As I said: I have never had any problems with OSM maps no matter where or how far I went. So, Thanks for the suggestion, Mapfactor, but for me there is no sense in using TomTom maps.
  • Reasons for TomTom maps:
    - house numbers in almost all countries (compared to OSM only having complete house number coverage in the Netherlands, Denmark and Latvia)
    - Way more POIs

    - Reasons for OSM maps:
    - Way more up-to-date road network than any other commercial brand.

    In MNF, when you are online, you can use Google Search to find missing POIs and/or addresses.
  • Hello, looking for Nav system. Find compare here: What can u tell me?

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