license failure on startup
  • I mentioned this a couple of weeks/months (??) back, together with another user.
    The search of the forum is really bad, so I could not find it back and neither with a Google search.

    So again:
    I updated the firmware of my android car unit yesterday afternoon and reinstalled Navigator (among others).
    Now I simply can't start Navigator anymore. It gives an license error and wants me to post an order id with my email address. 

    Which order-id??

    As I don't have an order id I can't continue only cancel, which closes Navigator.
    I have premium options installed, but can't find a order-id on my phone for it.
    I received a free HD-traffic license for my phone for testing (thanks for that), but that one does of course not work on my car unit (wich changes also device id upon firmware upgrades).

    Of course I do have the logs, but can't send them from navigator.
    I will send them to your support address.
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  • This sounds as if Navigator is starting in TomTom mode? Did the initial window where you need to choose between free version and paid maps appear at all?
  • Yes, it did and I chose the Free version.

  • delete file atlas.idc
  • I just removed cache and data and restarted Navigator and that fixed it also.

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