New Navigator free version for Windows desktop or mobile PDA/PNA
  • Will the Windows Desktop or Mobile (CE/2003 PDA/PNA etc.) Version further evolved?
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  • we release new version just last week
  • That would be very pleasing! Download directly from or with the Setup Utility? Direct currently there is only the version 16.0.3-1 and Setup Utility presents nothing(early maps access active)
  • PC Navigator is released once per year, v17 probably later this month
  • Ok..v17 PC Navigator contains v17 Mobile...right?
  • (No, Tomas :-)) on desktop PC (with win10) MF was updated correctly (from v16.0.3FREE) to v.17.0.0FREE, nevertheless, after choosing -> Instalace produktu -> Instalovat pocket navigator -> WinCE zarizeni, a version including an exe file about which a Salamander-exe-veiwer shows: version 16,0,11,1 from 07.07.2016 10:46:44 having 7169536B is downloaded.
    Choosing => PocketPC nebo Windows mobile zarizeni, program downloads a cab file having 16539290B and date 15.07.2016 8:29:50.
    On your download page there is a version NavigatorFree_install.exe having  12462244B and being from 2.6.2016 (version 16.0.3-1).

    No version 17..
    What do I do bad? :-)
  • You use a very very very very outdated OS.
  • Dear Oldie,
    thanks for your fruitful answer to my stupid question :-) hence, I turn my question little bit:

    Do you plan to release any newer (i.e. > update also for my PDA with win ce 6.5 anymore?

    Are "new" maps compatible with 16.0.x.y version(s) of binaries (exe files)? (should/can I update maps, if I cannot update an exe?)


  • Hello,

    I had no problem with downloading the program for WinCE and PPC. In both cases the file version is for the navigator.exe and it showed up on my PNA with Win CE 4.5 NET starting the program

  • Hello frisian,
    what do you mean by `downloading'?
    what do you mean by `for WinCE and PPC`?

    Can you describe in more details the downloading procedure leading to version in your PNA, please? I have decsribed my attemps (downloading in fact 3 programs, first the free navigator for desktop from mf-downloading page, choice no3 (winPC and winCE version), running it on desktop with win10,selecting Czech language,using Aktualizace produktu (probably Update of products), this updated itself (still on and for win10 desktop) to 17.0.0FREE, using Instalace aplikace (Intall of application(?)) -> Instalace Pocket Navigatoru led to 2 possibilities, First `Pocket PC or Win Mobile' -> via memory card (this downloaded a cab file with a date 15.7.2016 containing files with a date 27.5.2016)
    Second `Win CE device' -> via a memory card (this downloaded a `full directory' of files including navigator.exe having length 7169536B and by a exe-viewer it should be a version (btw, this version did not work correctly on my PDA and I had to return back to

    Do you (also - as me) have a desktop version of a Setup utility 17.0.0.FREE?

    thanks a lot

  • Mily tomas,
    I tried your link. This exe file installed everything what it needed,accepted osm license key,make its own N..17 directory,new icon appeared on the screen. Nevertheless, from inside downloaded (via Instalace aplikace) both .cab file as well as winCE directory are the same as in the (today) last-year-(probably)-july, i.e. from 2016 :-|
    Should I remove everything from my desktop computer before I install a new version of N_install.exe? (the link from you contained v.17.0.0-1, showing after run 17.0.0 FREE).
    diky :-)
  • I am not sure that I understand, you can create directory when downloading CE version
  • this is clear, but that new directory contains files which are identical to those from 2016-july, in particular navigator.exe version from 7.7.2016 (which, as I wrote above, in addition did not work correctly in my PDA and I had to return back to 16.0.1, but this would be a topic for anoter thread), not version 17, what one can assume.

    Hence, Is there any version 17 of navigator for WinCE PDA machine? :-)
    (if not this discussion is obsolete, or maybe to soon :-D)
    if yes, Is available?
    if yes, How? :-)

  • unfortunately I have no device to test it, you will need to wait for developers to check
  • ok, thank you, I will wait :-)

    In the meantime:
    If i cannot update a binary program, does it have a sense to update maps?
    It is clear, that old program cannot use new features of new maps, but
    Can old program use old features of new maps?

    in other words:
    is for old program "better" to use old maps or new maps or this plays no role because the compatibility of program <-> map(s) is strong enough at least for basic features (for example navigation from current position given by gps data and say `a name of the street')?


  • Hello,

    I made some screen prints of my PNA but I did not know how to upload them here. One shows the startup screen of Navigator 17.0 on my PNA the second one the Navigator folder on the SD-card. I would try to delete all old Navigator installations on Your PC and start from zero again by downloading the setup utility from the above link. Then download the WinCE version of Navigator and choose "setup on local medium". But first create a folder named "Navigator" on Your PC and choose that folder for the installation. Copy the file to Your PNA or SD-card and start the program.


  • hello
    I removed all instalations of Nav16 and Nav17 from my desktop computer,installed setup of v17.0.0.1 from the link given by tomas above and started to "Install the application". Now, before continuing of the installation procedure, the setup utility tried to "download data first" - this step was missing in all my previous attempts. This "additional" step downloaded both rar and cab files, both containing - it seems version :-)
    This remove-everything-and-start-(again-)from-the-begining `engeneering' looks like the button "Aktualizace aplikace" looks only into local Install directory and copy/unpack a year ago downloaded cab/rar files from there to a new destination :-)
    Thanks a lot for any suggestion leading to a solution
    as well as to the mapfactor creators for their cool application :-)

  • if you did not install to your device, then you need to copy .cab to your pocket pc device and run it
    for CE just copy the whole folder accross

  • this is clear, I do not speak about final copy/install step to my mobile machine.

    I have in mind some step(s) before:

    that what is hidden is that the button "Aktualizace aplikace" did not check for a new version of pnd_app.rar or  _to your server_, but only to (my)local desktop directory c:\ProgramData\Navigator\x.y\Install, where I had both files (i.e. files with these names) but in a version Then the setup program immediately copy/unrar those old packages to a chosen "destination" directory (the choice can be done in next step of an install process).

    If I remove/rename these two files from that directory, "Aktualizace aplikace" button in addition first donwloades from your server new up-to-date version of these two files and subsequently does a  copy/unrar them to the destination directory.

    Hence, to let/force the Setup program check if there is a new version on you server(s), one must remove/rename c:\ProgramData\Navigator\x.y\Install\ and/or c:\ProgramData\Navigator\x.y\Install\pnd_app.rar first and after it start the setup process via "Aktualizace aplikace" button.

  • Hello,
    after installe for the first time Navigator free with this link , i have the v17.0.0 FREE  with Setup utility.
    i wanna install the app on a laptop PC Win 7 pro , but i try to install PC Navigator, i have the message:
    Error downloading : -
    server replied: Service Unvailable.

    I cant install the product. how can install on my labtop?

    Thank you
  • try again, it may go to another server
  • I have the same error, but the adress is bubu or smith .mapfactor now.

  • nobody can help me?
    now, its -
    server replied: Service Unvailable.
    there is another way to get the setup?
  • in what stage of installation process did you get such a message?
    I have installed and successfully run PC navigator just now :-)

  • I am not able to install and run it on my Windows 10 laptop :-( ,did it 3 tmes,it asks for lecence key,I used free(just to test the app) but id does not work.Any suggestions? What is my error? I wanted to test it on my Windows 10 laptop before buying android mobile phone,now I am not sure what to do? should I buy this app to get a licence key? or else? Thanks
  • What is exactly "not working"? On my Win10pro 32bit it is working. What exactly did you 3 times?
  • I had similar problems as ursulek . A clean install brings the solution. All old Install Folders should be deletet manually. An Registry Clean is helpfull. New Problem...since Version 16 will the process bar at route calculate works not correct. First no progress is shown and then the bar runs quickly. The same at Version 17.  No matter if PC or PDA versions. And Route recalculation on deviation is very slow(on the PDA Device)! This should however due by the very old hardware Mio168;-) And what's new in Version 17?
  • I downloaded the installer,run it on my windows 10 laptop, and it installed Nevigator 17 ,but when I try to run the program it asks for licence,and getting message" impossible to find the licence" so it asks for a product key,igf I enter the free key I used for install the message is the same ,impossible to find the licence.

    also there are utilities icon ,and Navigatro 17 free ,when I try to run it it say "no maps installed and the program will be now closed" where do I get these Maps,and licence key? 

    I do not want to buy something I am not sure works ,so want to try it but unable,please  can somebodt advise? Thnx

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