mapfactor in win ce6 exit problem
  • hi
    i am using free mapfactor app.
    mapfactor in win ce6, exit button is not working properly, when click on exit

    button,mapfactor program works, until click on map, after click

    anywhere, mapfactor exit.  and after that, my car unit work very slowly, and

    mapfactor doesn't run again until, unit, turn off and start again.
    i installed mapfactor on sd card , usb flash memory and also internal unit storage but problem not solved.
    i use 2 other navigation's software's, but those don't have any problem.

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  • The Win ce6 in my wifes car always works and navigated ok BUT when 1st turning on does not show alt or number of sats. If you go into the menus and turn off gps and then reconnect all is shown. Thanks for giving incredible info. Go for this service to having a wonderful assistant in writing and even you can get the guidelines too.

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