How Do I Know If I Have Latest UK Map?
  • Hi All,
    New to forum and just wanted to check are the free UK maps updated regularly? I've just downloaded it at 357mb, how do I tell if it's the latest.
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  • You are talking about free maps based on OSM maps?

    It is as simple as it is: if you just downloaded, it is the latest. If you want to update in the future, check map manager for updates.

    If you want to assist in testing early maps, check "early maps". You may get possibly faulty maps two weeks earlier before final update is released.

    Map updates are monthly. In some cases, there may be some delay. But do not worry, at least the following month (not year or decade) you will get new maps.
  • At present neither early map updates nor torrent download are working properly. So don't select those options.
  • Thanks for quick responses and answers, much appreciated.


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