Usa states not in country list
  • Hi. Can't search for anything in Virginia. Maps downloaded and show on screen, I can zoom to a lpcation and navigate, but it just dorsn't allow a search, because usa or the state can't be found in the country menu. Whrn I tap "INFO" it says "Virginia (invisible)". Any help? Tried reinstalls.
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  • Correction, it says Virginia , Country (invisible ).
  • With OpenStreetMap -> Map manager -> download ->
    America, click in front of America to open America ->
    USA OSM -> choose sub regions ->
    check [v] USA OSM/USA Virgina OSM -> return -> Download now ->

    Navigator menu: Search -> Country -> scroll down list -> select Virginia (USA) ->
    1st in list appearing now would be:
     A Country Place
     Fairfax Country

    Town Centre
    select: show on map

    Navigator: 3.0.123
    USA Virginia OSM version 44-201705190

  • As I stated the map was there and working, but not on the country list.

    Tomas and the Mapfactor people may be interested to know the problem was that the menu language was set to Finnish. By switching to English, Virginia magically appeared.
  • if it was in Finnish, then order of states may have changed
  • Trust me, it was not there on the list. I typed V in the country prompt, and it had no results. This was after I removed all other maps except for four states... it was not in the menu. West Virginia was, in Finnish, but no Virginia.
  • I remember that problem. I know that couple of programs and games based on geo-location was the similar problems. maybe that is something with software?

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