Lark FreeBird 43.1 GPS configuration problem
  • Hello Everyone
    My Lark FreeBird 43.1 GPS is quite old and needs fresh maps after years. I've make decision to use Navigator Free and install it but GPS configuration occur. Every time I have to pass GPS
    configuration process. It autodetects the "GLONAV GPS @ 57600 baud". After this operation the GPS thinks a lot (about 3min) to start calculating position
    and then everything works OK.
    Is there any solution for this to avoid each time detecting GPS ? Previously I've been using software provided with this device and it was MapaMap 7.x version and GPS was set to COM7 @ 9600 baud and works quite fast - now slow as drunk turtle :|
    BR and thanks for help
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  • configuration is saved to file settings.xml
    folder is probably protected?
    try to edit it manually
  • I've got set this 'gps' section in settings.xml but all the time need to autodetect gps :|

              <friendly_name>GLONAV GPS DRIVER</friendly_name>

    Is there any other way to make it permanent ?
  • is the settings correct?
  • Yes. Settings are correct and with 57600 baud speed works same like with 9600 baud.
    All the time I'm turning it on auto detection must be done to make it work.
    Searching forum for solution I've found similar problem posted long time ago; so it looks like that problem isn't fixed till today :(
  • try to change it to 9600 manually

  • Connection speed isn't a problem in such old device but auto detection gps module every time I'm turning it on.
    It's terrible annoying and I want to fix it anyway - but don't know how actually.
  • if settings can be read and it is correct, then you will not be asked, simple as that
    either settings cannot be read, or baud rate is incorrect

    try to edit default_settings.xml - this file is read if settings.xml is missing or corrupted
  • Problem solved - both files were different. Now everything works fine. Thanks a lot for help !
  • My problem is not solved till now, anyone help

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