Mapfactor not showing turn lanes and destination
  • Hello,


    Mapfactor is not showing turn lanes and destination lanes at
    some junctions.

    Below is one such junction which seems properly defined
    based on comparison but lane and destination not shown in navigation or simulation.


    This seems to be an issue with Mapfactor since OsmAnd shows the

    Any suggestion?

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  • I get lane advisor both ways, please make sure that you have the latest maps
  • I got lane advisor only going NW bot not SE. I am using map version Jamaica 44-201705140. Navigator 3.0.122. Android 4.3. Any thing peculiar or settings to consider 
  • please provide coordinates where are you missing lane advisor
    but it is probably missing in OSM
  • Hi Tomas,


    From: Lat 17.96823, Lon -76.85260;  To:             17.98774,

    No lane guidance and do destination sign. But keep right is
    announced for the junction

     Also travelling

    From: lat 18.25212, lon -77.11155  ;To:      lat 18.26912, lon -77.11473

    Approaching the exit there is no destination sign or exit number
    announcement. But take slip road is announced.

  • are these lanes in OSM?
  • Yes. Lanes are defined in OSM. Please refer to above link

    destination:lanes Three Miles;Half Way Tree;Port|Downtown Kingston;Manley Airport|Downtown Kingston;Manley Airport
    foot no
    highway motorway
    horse no
    lanes 3
    maxspeed 70
    motor_vehicle yes
    noname yes
    oneway yes
    ref T2
    surface asphalt
    toll yes
    turn:lanes slight_left|slight_right|slight_right
  • sorry, but your link does not corrspond to your departure/destination
    or am I mistaken?

  • The link shows the segment of road with the lanes definition. The departure to destination points use that segment of road. 
  • well, I am getting two different locations
    link is 17.9861, -76.8376 - Kingston
    departure is 18.25212, -77.11155  - south of Moneague
  • Those were two examples of the issue. Please focus on example below to avoid confusion:

    From: Lat 17.96823, Lon -76.85260;  To:    17.98774,-76.82560,

    No lane guidance and no destination sign. But keep right is announced for the junction

  • Hi Tomas

    The lane guidance info is now displayed in the June version of the map.
    Is it normal to have a 4 months delay in seeing some OSM changes updated in map delivery. 
  • cut off is end of each calendar month, release usually 2-3 weeks after that
  • And you may add some weeks, if there are some server problems as there were these days. But this happens only quite seldom.

    But anyway, generally you have monthly and free (!) updates and generally you have to wait a maximum of up to eight weeks after you made changes to OSM data.

    I think that is extraordinary and barely something to complain about.

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