Screen size and gps port
  • Hi Mapfactor
    I have a chinese 2 din (erisin). I tried to run the software on it, but the screen is a little to small and the text menus not fully visible.
    It also can not find my gps port, which is 2 and 57600 baud. plz help.

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  • what resolution do you have?
    gps port can be set manually in settings.xml - edit this file with notepad and edit the following section
  • Hi tomas

    The resolution is 480x800.

    I'll try the above suggestion later today and let you know.

    thanks for helping

  • 480x800 is a standard resolution, it should work normally
    may be you need to switch to landscape
  • Ok, I'll try that and return an answer for you.

    thanks for helping
  • It's still not working and the 2 arrows in the bottom of the menu is not accessible?
  • Can change menu window now, just have to slide it, instead of pressing bottom marks. :-)

  • Hi tomas
    I reinstallled the software and now it's working.
    I did'nt make any changes in settings.

    Thank you for helping

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