How to correct faulty lane assistant info?

  • Hi, 
    occasionally on the autobahn  I encounter a lane assistant that gives faulty info, most notably one that now, with HD Traffic, I encounter every morning on my way to work: travelling north from Bonn along the A555, and then changing over (at the Köln Süd intersection) to the A4 towards Aachen.
    To do this you have to take the center lane, but Navigator shows the right hand one, which would also take you onto the A4, but going away from Aachen.

    What infos does the lane assistant use to do its thing? Any general advice enabling me to correct OSM when I come across something like that would be appreciated.

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  • Thanks; I'll take a look at it during the Whitsun/Pentecost weekend.
  • @Jochen_K: Why is your font setting always so terribly small? It makes it hard to read especially on smaller screens.
  • @hvdwolfDo
    you mean to tell me that the font settings I use on my own device somehow determine how my entries appear on other people's devices? That's weird, because I should then see other people's (bigger) texts the way they set them in their own devices, and I don't; everything appears in lovely 7pt.

    I have never touched any of the Vanilla settings above the text entry field.

    My own texts are in a small font because, being nearsighted, I can hold my Galaxy S4 rather close to my face, and I love having lots of information on my screen at the same time.

    Maybe it's my browser doing something strange; I typed this answer in Firefox rather than in my standard browser (Boat).
    [Strangely, here the text entry box doesn't even have any settings - just a large number of smileys.]

    Is the text bigger now?
  • should, because having typed this I just remembered why I don't use Firefox for this forum - it shows all text much bigger than I like, and I can't see any way to make it decently small (the combo Firefox/Vanilla gives me just a bit more than 40 characters per line, as opposed to about 70 in Boat.)
  • Yes. These two posts are displayed in "normal" font size. 
    For me that is much more pleasant but I do understand your reasons.
  • I have the same problems as @hvdwolf with @Jochen_K 's fonts.
  • Hi, folks,

    this is my last post using Boat browser.  

    From now on I'll try to ride two horses at the same time - write in Firefox, read in Boat.

    That should make everyone happy.
  • Hi,

    I looked at two spots with faulty lane assistance, intending to correct them; however, I'm unable to do so, because I can't see any errors.

    I'd appreciate it if someone "in the know", who's got the West Germany map installed, could look at the two bits of road to see if there is an error in OSM, after all, or if MFN has a somewhat obscure bug, or...?.

    No. 1:

    lat="51.52814083333333" lon="7.6671941666666665"
    name>B 1
    lat="51.525662777777775" lon="7.6541186111111115"
    name>B 1

    You simply drive straight ahead, here, and the voice says so; but just when you are told to do so, there is briefly an arrow telling you to turn left.

    2. Rather more complicated:
    lat="50.86719" lon="6.969858333333334"
    name>A 555
    lat="50.88402611111111" lon="6.959708611111111"
    name>A 4

    Coming towards the Köln Süd intersection from Bonn, the A555 basically ends here; just before the right hand lane veers off to the right, the other two are divided by a barrier; from that moment on, going towards Aachen the short way via Köln Süd (i.e. not via the roundabout a bit further north), the correct lane is highlighted (the one that was previously in the middle).
    Before that, however, while all three lanes are still together, the right hand lane (which leads you away from Aachen) is highlighted.

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