Garbled speech and jittery screen with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
  • My Asus TF300T just updated to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.  Since then, the speech for "Calculating route", route directions, etc. is garbled to the point it is not understandable.  The speech synthesizer used in Google Chrome works.

    Also after the update, when zooming in or out using two fingers, the screen jitters and slowly zooms in/out with each jitter.  Takes much longer now to finally stop at the new zoom level.
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  • please update sounds to correct the first problem
    the second problem I have not heard of - which version of Navigator do you run?
  • How do I update the sounds?  I do not see an update button in the tablet Settings menu or in the Navigator menus.

    I am running Navigator 0.9.124.
  • please go to programs and click the Navigator Downloader icon
  • The only option I see when I click on the Navigator Downloader icon is "Download list of available maps".  When I select that, it says Newly selected maps (0 MB) and there's a checkbox for Download updates of existing maps (670 MB).  From another forum discussion, I thought that there's a problem with newer OSM maps due to changes in permissions.  Since I will be using Navigator for a trip starting next week, I want to make sure that I don't end up with troublesome maps by doing the download.  If I leave the checkbox unchecked, will that update the sounds without affecting the maps?  Or are the updates to the maps (France, Monaco and Italy) OK to download?
  • you cxan deselect all maps and download sounds only
    new maps from OSM are not available yet, please read comment by MDX here:
  • That fixed the sounds.  Thanks!

    Also, thanks for making a great app!  With the ability using the digger program to set the icon size, zoom rate, and the zoom level at which an icon appears, Navigator is much more flexible and useful that my Garmin Nuvi.  I have had the Garmin lock up and be useless when there were too many items (more than about 10) Tour Guide items that became active at the same time.  With the Navigator, I set the Camera warning at 1000 meters to alert us when we are near a POI that I created in a file.  Especially nice when we're alerted that we are near a patisserie and we didn't realize it!  Would be nice if we could set the warning distance at a larger number (user input perhaps?).

    Thanks again!  

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